“Dubai Shopping Festival” – a shopper’s paradise, an aesthete’s dream, and a remarkable entertainment hub, the definition of DSF transcends the bounds of words. Held annually, from 26th December to 28th January, this one-of-a-kind extravaganza not only lets you buy more at less, but also gives you an opportunity to experience enigmatic light shows and get a sneak peek into the city’s rich and vibrant culture. Flash mobs, to street-performers, to fireworks, to fashion shows, the DSF has something for everyone. Here are seven reasons why the DSF is an event you can’t afford to miss! Take a look.

1. Duty-free Shopping

Duty-free shopping is one of the biggest reasons for you to visit Dubai during the DSF. It’s that time when the duty free shops at the Dubai International airport stock up their inventories and buyers can choose from an exhaustive range of duty-free items. If you have been waiting to buy gold or some top-end equipment, DSF is the time to materialize the plan.

2. Fireworks

Even a long stare at the world’s tallest building is a memorable experience. Now, imagine how the moment would be when you’d see some bedazzling fireworks over the world’s tallest building? The DSF, every year, organizes some incredible firework shows at the Burj Khalifa, and, yes, they are indeed “better” than what you would’ve seen over Big Ben or Sydney Bridge.

3. Fashion Shows

Given the huge number of international travelers Dubai flocks with during the Dubai Shopping Festival, there’s no better time for designers to showcase their creations. You can find eminent personalities walking the ramp in Dubai’s world-class malls, and leading designers showcasing their latest collections.

4. Light Shows

While the flash mobs entertain you during the day, during the night, Dubai’s light shows on the Al Seef Street, Dubai Creek, Festival Promenade, and other famous attractions steal your senses. That’s a reason why the DSF has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records! When in Dubai, the city’s light shows are another attraction you can’t afford to miss.

5. Live Concerts and Events

Dubai, to a large extent, turns into a city of music during its one-month-long shopping festival. With various venues holding live events, you can experience different flavors of music. From world-famous artists playing their notes to jugglers and magicians engaging you on the streets, the city comes to life in more ways than one can imagine.

6. Discounts Galore

Discounts on premium brands and designer products is one of the main features of the DSF, which attracts thousands of tourists, every year. Long story short, the DSF 2017 is the perfect time to pick up those Jimmy Choo leather boots to Versace gowns to Prada handbags, and everything in between. Gold jewellery to watches to perfumes and cosmetics – when you are at DSF, discounts rain on every item you lay your hands on.

7. Travel Deals

Last but not least, one of the biggest reasons to visit Dubai during the DSF is that most travel companies and tour operators offer great discounts and promotions during this time of the year. From air and hotel tickets, to complete Dubai tour packages, you can expect some great discounts on every deal.

And the List Goes on!

There are whole lot of other reasons why you just can’t afford to ignore Dubai during the DSF, especially if you’re looking for a getaway around the middle-east, sometime soon. So, with no further delays, plan your vacation to this rich city, and get ready for an unparalleled traveling experience. Talk to a trustable company to find out an ideal Dubai tour package, and start your preparations for an expedition of a lifetime.

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