“Where there’s a will, There’s a way” I trust in it.

This is Deepak Patel a travel blogger and this blog belongs to me.

I am fond of technology and I spend most of my time with my gadgets and computer. As I am a blogger, I love to be active on my blogs, chats and mails. I reply to each of my mails and chat as much as I can because I have crush to connect the folks.

My tech loving nature makes me to bring into existence of this blog. My travel blog makes me seasoning and mind relaxing experience of visitation to different places which are rich in heritage, architecture and ancient lifestyle yet I am not a frequent traveler but wonder this wonderful world of adventures by an endless trip which I want from my future.

I want to have a world tour so that I come to know about different types of peoples, their tradition, historical places and different types of lifestyles which is leading reason of my eagerness about world. Natural beauty keeps me attracts towards itself at every stead. I wish to go at least once in European countries. I just love collecting interesting and engrossing stuffs at variance places of world.

I wish to spread a message to every populace by my fondness of travelling and my blog to

“Respect everyone, Make this world more beautiful by unity of every human race, Enjoy with nature by protecting it and to spread serenity all over for reside like in a heaven.”

I believe these 3-4 lines are enough to change the stereotype way of living of humans into humanity for each creature.

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