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Bada Bagh: A Glimpse of Incredible Cenotaphs

Bada Bagh Travel N Thrill

Jaisalmer is a reservoir and treasure of historical monuments and tourist destinations. Rajput kings had built numerous of monuments which are souvenir reminiscence of the kingdom of Rajputs. Among these monuments, a commemoration is going to ascertain in this blog which has cenotaphs of Rajput kings of 6 centuries. Illustration.. Read More

Shillong: A Pearl in the North East

Go Explore Shillong

Shillong is the beautiful capital of Meghalaya marks to be one of the most sought for destinations of the North East. Shillong boasts of being blessed with a picturesque landscape and an astounding array of enthralling waterfalls, the majestic mountain peaks, crystal clear blue water lakes, breathtakingly amazing golf courses,.. Read More