Christmas is always a picturesque affair in India or almost everywhere across the world! Families and friends come together, smiles echoing overpowering all the worries! It’s time to slip in some wine down the throats and gobble down some yummy cakes. But to experience the best out of the festival, we have to be at the right place. So if you are planning to travel across Christmas in India we can tell you about all the amazing places you could visit for Christmas. Here are some of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India:


Thinking of Christmas parties? Goa tops the list. Lit up streets, homes, beaches, beach parties describe the beach heaven of India during Christmas.

The city is crowded with tourists in the Christmas season and festivities are in full swing at this favorite New Year beach destination. Finding reservations for your stay seems almost impossible as New Year approaches. You must plan well in advance if Goa is on your mind this Christmas season.


With freezing temperature and irresistible cold, Christmas in the hill station of Shillong is a class of its own. Owing to the extreme weather conditions not many people visit Shillong, making it one of the few places that remain less crowded during the festive season. But streets filled with traditional dance performances along with gospel music played by the local bands, Christmas in Shillong is a treat.

All Saints Cathedral, the oldest church in the north-east region of India hosts the best Christmas celebrations and it’s a much of a spiritual experience to be a part of!


India’s Little France makes for a beautiful place for Christmas. The popular Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are a must-see during the festive season. Don’t forget to catch a live musical performance by the local bands around the beautiful beaches as you visit Pondicherry during Christmas holidays.


As we near Christmas, one can feel the atmosphere change with the air of festivity and the presence of captivating houses that glow with twinkling stars and cribs.

Every street in Kerala has beautiful Christmas decorations to brighten up your mood. Even after a huge interference by technology in today’s life, Gods own Country remains unaltered and celebrates the birth of Jesus in the most traditional manner. The food during Christmas celebrations in Kerala just can’t be missed. The Christmas feast consists of Achappam, bread with fish molly, beef curry, and traditional Kerala sweets.


Festivity of Christmas in India in a metropolitan style— Mumbai is the place. From Christmas markets to midnight ceremonies to family gatherings, you have it all in Mumbai—specially, the areas of Church gate, Bandra, and Hill road.

With all the celebrations and festivity you must ensure that you are not risking yourself and falling sick, for this would spoil all the fun! Whether your area is colder or warmer, keeping warm is a basic need. Dress up in warm woolies and a lot of layers. Wear long underwear, sweaters, and even hats indoors.

Washing and keeping your woolies clean is also a bit challenging— Wool is delicate and quite often prone to shrinking, becoming misshapen, or changing consistency if it is treated too roughly when washed. To keep your woolen garments looking and feeling good, get them laundered professionally. Visit, to schedule a free pick-up for your woolen garments before you start packing for your Christmas holiday!

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